The OC Concert Page

Monday July 22, 2002

Dr. Demento introduces the opening act
Nick Yankovic introduces his son.... sorry it is so blurry
And the show begins... Goatee alert!!!!!
More Horoscope for you
Either Horoscope or "Leper" cannot really remember which...
Ruben concentrates
Al and Jim rock Orange County!
Action shot of Al during Pentiums
Melanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [faints]
I just LOVE a man that can sing a good, psychotic love song
What is the most painful thing????
Well, Al is sooo prompt to answer THAT!!!
Hey, Jim! Over here!
Al during OMM
Al moves to Beverly... Hills, that is...
Medley time!!!!!!!!
Al delivers
a pizza, that is....
In the meantime, Ruben takes a nap :-)
Al makes sure the accordion is in working condition
The begining of "the kick"
Al and Miles during "the theme for Rocky XIII
Oh, I am so proud of this picture :-)
Al gargles....
Al and Jim go cavemen...
Al a bit blurry, but I kinda love the effect
Al shakes it during BA :-)
Amish Al, a bit blurry...
You know he's fat....
He's really, really fat...
The Jedi Knight strikes back
Al and Miles during Yoda, Miles almost "fell" off the picture
My favorite Al closeup of the night...
Another closeup but not as good
The master of rock and roll accordion at work
The show sadly, comes to and end
As Al continues to spin
And now for my next trick, I will make you all disapear