Kalamazoo, Michigan

This was the second show of this tour for me, but the very first show for my daughter Theresa. Seats were great, front row and to the right. I asked the mean looking Security Guard if I could take pictures and he said that as long as I did not use my flash, it was OK to take pictures. Yay! I got this cool digital SLR on Ebay, so I was anxious to try it at a concert. Of course, having front row seats did not prevent me from using a 300 mm zoom lens to take pictures. To see the pictures please click on the links below, you might want to get a cup of coffee and grab a sandwich, there are lots of pictures in this page. Enjoy!

Couch Potato 1/ 2/ 3
Couch Potato Steve
Angry AL :-)
Polka Al and Jim
Polka Steve
Ruben tries to remember what comes next
More Polka Al for you 1/ 2/ 3
Partying at the Leper colony
Dog Eat Dog 1/2
Steve in the spotlight 1/2
Al and the mighty Silver Suit 1/2
Pentiums Ruben
Pentiums Jim
Al wants to be ur lovr 1/2/3/4 5
Girl you must be Jamaican... 1/2
Al and the edge of the stage
Trashy Steve (love the necklace!)
Trash Day Al
Trash Day Al and Steve
Medley time!1/2/3
Pizza! 1/2/3/4
What will it be, the Rye or the Kayser? 1/ 2/ 3
Ode to a Super Hero and the old harmonica guy
Medley Steve and one of my extreme closeups :-)
Just eat it!!!!1
Steve does the grundge thing
Smells like Al Yankovic1/2/3/4
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